This melbourne wedding could've almost been set in new york. liv & adam took their style and sass to longsong, end to end.

All vendor information available at the end.

Distance from Briars Atlas HQ: 890000cm
nice shoes present: 1 (pair)
new york in Melbourne vibes rating: ****

* Facts may or may not be fun

Fun facts*

With keen eyes for design and energy for a party, liv & adams relationship is tightly intertwined with their like-minded circle of friends (to the point where they all celebrated their honeymoon together). 

Drifting apart for years after being high school friends, Liv reached out one day online. 

"He was actually pretty bad with getting back to me, and it took about three or four months before he asked ‘if I wanted to catch up for a beer’ and I remember thinking, ‘a beer… beer is ‘friends’ speak. Bummer.’"

Turns out this wasn't just any regular beer, it was the majestic brew of destiny. 

Being design-minded and knowing the venue had to have the muscle for a great party, the New York styled Longsong was the obvious choice. A heritage horse-stable piece from melbournes old-world, Longsong has been converted into a masterpiece of style and xxx




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