as certain as a salted-caramel macaron being most excellent, this was written in the stars:
two mad harry-potter fans getting married in melbournes spectacular Montsalvat castle.
We present, matt + kate.

Distance from Briars Atlas HQ: 3085172 cm
beheadings performed in this castle: 0
real live owls present in this wedding: 1

* Facts may or may not be fun

Fun facts*

........ Montsalvat
........ Houghton NYC
........ Karla Way
........ Raven And The Rose

........ Sophie Knox 
........ Peter Jackson


Makeup + Hair


Kate & Matt, enthusiastic Harry Potter fans and history addicts, chose the classic artists commune backdrop of Montsalvat as the grounds for their wedding. Established nearly a century ago, the grounds were originally used as an artists colony.

But none of that really matters when you consider the apex of it's use in Australia's classic soap Neighbours, where it took on the role of being Portugal (not the whole country, but somewhere in it, I guess. 

Having a solid contigency plan and knack for problem solving is a key part of any wedding plan - luckily these two scallywags exercised that approach when the fairy-floss cart they hired didn't work out, by instead replacing it with an Owl.

Matt and Kate filled their day with wonderful food, cracking 90's tunes, and questionable karaoke to celebrate their marriage, or what it could've been before I stole Matt and started The Arbourists (sorry Kate).

+ matt



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