For people in love!
Briars Atlas!
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I create nostalgia
for people
who like
each other.

An ominous interlude!

For 8 years, i've photographed the most brilliant couples worldwide at their wedding or small elopement.
My website is relaunching at the end of the year, so while i'm inhaling espresso and finishing that, have yourselves a jolly good look around, follow me on instagram or even,                                                                          

This is
what love
looks like.

And! Sometimes that's kissing / sometimes it's snot-picking / sometimes it's the lick of your cat, when you don't want that! It's the small, the tall / the graze from the fall / when romance is there / and when not at all. 

Put a hex,
on what you

If that is what love looks like, then that is what you get, because everything is important, and importantly everything will be met, the angry niece as much as the kiss, with care and attention (if you please). File this under "general life advice" also.

All love is real, and all, unreal!

Whether you're a boy and a girl. a man and a woman. a girl and a girl, a boy and a boy, guy and a guy or a gal and a gal, a him and a her and a they and a them love is yours, theirs, his, hers and all of, ours.


i am a

you are


Melbourne wedding

wedding photography that won't make you throw up.