Nice things people said about me that i didnt pay them to say:

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Zoe + Adam show us how you get your blue-mountains wedding on Vogue.

There are maps of you, in everything you do. from how you connect, to how (or if) you take the garbage out. Briars atlas charts those maps with the eyes of an artist over one single day, at your wedding.

As a photographer, you were everything we imagined for our wedding. As a friend, you fit into the group and clicked seamlessly. Honestly, you we’re the perfect fit for our perfect week.

We can’t thank you enough man. And as a finish wiping the tears, get back to editing shoe photos, and mellowing out the stoked level theres a wave of memories flooding back that I honestly didn’t thing I’d remember…thanks for that.
You’re of an unreal sort my man. Talk soon.

parker + jenelle's canoe wedding

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