More than just intolerable hipsters (some of the time), we've been a film wedding photographer for a decade. We're not interested in making these look like our digital images, we're interested in celebrating the unique formats and diversity of feels that are available when you play with a century of analogue cameras that somehow received sign-off at the engineering table. 

          Plus, it's just damn cool using the same gear they took to the moon (and that's quite literally still up there left on it's surface).

          Handcrafted with love on real 35mm and medium-format kodak film, by humans, not robots.

          More and more of you admirable aliens are asking for the everything caught on film. Jolly good. You do you, it's available as a dash or a dousing, with all coverage. We'll spare you the trip to the moon.

          Send us an email, we make more sense there.