You've stumbled onto a dirty little secret.

          Like that restaurant in a city that all the local chefs go to, most of our couples are photographers: specifically, wedding photographers. We think that says it all, but we're equally proud that folks from all walks are drawn to trust us across every demographic imaginable who place the images they receive & on-day experience as the highest priority.

          Our ethos is simple: we believe that love & community matters, and that if it's worth preserving in image, then that's a thing worth doing well.

          We also believe that a gentle sense of humour is as valuable as a sense for gentle. And this is the reason why when you look closely at our galleries, you’ll notice an equal emphasis on sublime, quiet moments, as on the gloriously absurd tapestry that is being human.

          And those moments are observed, not interfered with.

          The result for you is what we'd want for ourselves if hiring someone to make a record of an important moment with people we love, in a culture that can feel a bit disposable: a treasure trove of diverse images that get more interesting every time you go through them - ones that stand up equally as memories that matter to you personally, and works of art to those who shouldn't care less.

          You're not paying us to use a camera, you're paying us to pay attention, so if you'd like ours turned to you and yours then make an enquiry.

Celebrating ten years

          Every photograph made on this site was by Oli Sansom, who sees this role as being about, as much as anything else, social anthropology.

          When you book a Briars Atlas wedding or elopement, this guy delivers the care in the lead-up, and this guy turns up to photograph your day.

          Raised by llamas on a far-removed desert escarpment he spent his formative years eating cameras after reading about some dude on Wikipedia and now they've grown out of his arms or something.

          Peer inside his brain here or send an email and say g'day (or your greeting flavour of choice).

You're in good hands, believe it (scroll down).

Head chef

Photo: Monika Frias

          "Our jaw dropped many times, at how beautifully the photos are composed, at how you have captured the light and ambiance.

          I grew up binging movies by Hitchcock, Otto Preminger etc. and this velvety and eery aesthetic feels like home. You have rendered it so well with portraits, contrasts and shadows, and by catching transitory moments of 'in-between', with a gentle nod to the complexity of emotions felt."

- Louise & David

Nice things people said about us  (that we didn't pay them to say)

          "You Sir are a genius! Our world’s aligned for a reason.

          You have us two captivated, as you captured every emotion and moment – obviously we’re blubbering messes at the moment! What a marvellous showcase.

          The preview was exciting and the main event has blown us away.

          You captured us and each and every moment of our Wedding day spectacularly. You are quite the story teller!".

- Sam & Paul / Featured on The Knot and more

          "You did such and amazing job capturing our friends, the architecture, the property and nature, the moments and the feeling. 

          We particularly love our posed shots. The moody black and whites are amazing. Your colour grading is so beautiful. The way you frame. Just all of it!

          It was one hell of a day for you starting at 6am till about midnight. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us.

          You blew all of our expectations and still are".

- Sarah & Andrew / Featured on Together Journal

          "Wow… I knew you were incredible, but that blew me/us away.

          Many many tears. 

          They’re beyond beautiful and we couldn’t have pictured them anymore perfectly. You fucking maestro. And those film ones... I’m drooling.  

          These capture everything I love about photos, moments being encapsulated in time and feeling like you’re right there. They’re all beautiful."

- Zoe & Adam / featured on Vogue Australia

          "M8. You're very good at this."

- Ella & Mack / Featured on Vogue Australia

How do we secure you?

          A 25% retainer secures your date with us. Dates are held once this is paid, and are allocated on a first come, first deposit-placed basis. Enquire here.

What are your fees?

          Fees begin at $6000 for ceremony, portrait, and formalities coverage. You can expect to cover most of the moving parts over 4-5 hours, but we've photographed weddings up to 21 hours long, and we're typically hired for 7-8 hours. Make an enquiry, and we'll send you detailed information relevant to your specific scenario. All coverage includes meticulous, handcrafted care afterwards by the award winning hands of Oli Sansom as well as coverage by him on the day.

What about the camera shy?

          We understand introverts, extroverts, and we're experts in the delicate game that is seeing another human for who they are and making them comfortable. Ask us how.

Do you travel?

          About half of our bookings are international, and half are in Australia. We have bespoke pricing structures for anywhere on the planet you're getting married, and have a decade of experience in the nuances of destination photography, and assisting with your own planning as needed.

How often can we access you?

          You have unlimited access to Oli's decade of experience the entire time before your wedding or elopement, and you are given access to a meeting portal where you can schedule in an online or in-person meet with Oli whenever you need to.

Are we cool enough?

          You wouldn't believe how often this concern actually lands in our inbox. Our chief skill is making everyone look just as fabulous as they are, and everyone is welcome.

Do you photograph large weddings or elopements?

          Good photography doesn't distinguish between either of these, and there's no such thing as a specialist. We're equally comfortable traipsing mountains over a 5 day intimate elopement or an in-home ceremony of two, as we are an intense day with 300 guests.

Fortuitously Aided Quagmires (FAQ)

How long have you been in business?

          Oli has spent over a decade as one of the most sought after wedding and elopement photographers both in Australia and internationally. More experience means more exposures to more challenges - at this point, we've just about seen it all: the fast-paced nuances & dynamism of planning a 3-day soiree in New York, the breathing room of an intimate quest around the Yarra Valley, the delicate dance of making extroverted A-list celebrities and introverted family members alike comfortable, and everything in between. 

          Knew it.

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