Ghent Bent:Belgium Workshop 2023

Good day scallywags. Lets convene, in a beautiful room in the heart of Ghent, and discuss advancing our craft, practical methods of strengthening our communication, and cutting through the noise of the attention economy to make radical work for people who like each other and aren’t afraid to show it. The narrative these days is “the work doesn’t matter anymore”. Well, I reckon it’s the opposite, and there’s some tasty magic in that.

The Logistics

When it is:

Tuesday July 4, 2023, 10am-4:30pm (plus hangs and informal chats into the evening)

Who this is for:

Primarily, wedding photographers.

Where it is:

PUBLIKA. Goudenleeuwplein 1, 9000 Gent, Belgium

How to book your spot [ALL PLACES FILLED]

Once you have paid your fee, please fill out this form.

What you get:

The full outline will be posted within the week. But expect the below:

  • Intimacy, and adapting it to unique personality types
  • Breaking our biases and industry biases of intimacy and what it looks like, to continue Making Interesting Things for Wonderful Aliens (our clients)
  • Craft-first, why caring will not go out of style, and how to embody it
  • Futureproofing against the emergence AI, while using it’s advantages
  • Posing and antiposing
  • Consistency vs inconsistency: adapting to brand voice, image creation and curation
  • Copywriting and positioning: how to stand out in saturated markets
  • Copywriting: saying more by saying less when we cant outsource
  • Editing: advanced techniques, and falling in love again with the old techniques
  • Analogue: where it sits in my workflow, how to add it to yours
  • “Generational fatigue”: when to try new stuff, when to double-down on what’s already working
  • Practical tricks to making your shoots the most compelling through curation

Aside from this, my main interest is also about extracting the genius of others in the room through co-creation and panels. So anyone that is open to taking part in such a thing will be given this option.

How do I know you know what you’re even talking about?

None of us know anything! How wonderful is that. But in any case, you can decide for yourself if i’m the right fit for you by viewing my eminent aliens photography and my educational content first. I think people, community, and ritual are amazing things, and i’ve spent the better part of a decade in a devoted, craft-first practice serving those things.

Is there a payment plan?

If you would prefer to pay in 2x instalments, please email me to

I have more questions i’d like to ask before booking, how can I do that?

Ask me anything you like, at

Will there be food?

Food AND drinks. Yay! You can enter your dietaries in the booking form.

What about afterwards?

Often the real joy of these things is the in-betweens. So after all the formal stuff is done, please consider hanging out and sharing ideas into the evening.

About Briars Atlas

Briars Atlas is the wedding photography business of Australian photographer Oli Sansom. International analogue wedding photographer of the year, Junebug 2023 competition judge, blah blah. Ok, i’m stepping out of third person here (does anyone ever believe that shit is written by someone else anyway?). The most important thing to know is that i’ve ran a business that’s been craft & couple-focused for a decade, ridden industry highs and lows, and kept a consistent eye on what it means to actively stand out in a market, thanks to spending a decade before in advertising and creative direction. Alongside that, i’ve been fortunate to share ideas at Way Up North (Rome) WRKSHP (New York), Bodaf, Rural workshop and more, and have condensed many of those ideas into my (currently dormant) education platform, I think the best way of learning isn’t top-down, but communally, and that a group of brains are better than one, and in all of my workshops I aim to make this a part of the day.

Photos by the majestic Monika Frias

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