Bakers Dozen: a 2-day workshop experience with the brilliant Bayly & Moore from New Zealand, held in 5 cities across Australia & New Zealand.

Upcoming Workshops

Way Up North
Rome, Italy

The Rural
Barcelona, Spain

Porto, Portugal

Fforest, Wales

Moon House
Life of the Artist

          The Dreamers, Salento Italy
Ghent Bhent, Ghent, Belgium
Wolves, Canary Islands, Spain
Midwest Gathering, Detroit, USA
Camp Common Folk, Perth AU
The Business Romantic, Mel/Syd AU 
Melbourne Knowledge Week
Image & Tech - Athens, Greece
Pause Fest - Melbourne, Australia
Rural Workshop - Barcelona, Spain
BODAF - Lisbon, Portugal
WRKSHP - New York, USA
Way Up North - Rome, Italy
Field Trip - California, USA
SNAP photo festival, Wales UK
Canada Convention, Vancouver
Zero Regrets conference, Melb AU
Work-Shop: Analog course, Melb
Deloitte, Melb AU
Hands On workshop: Melb, AU #2
ABMS: Nelson, NZ
Hands On workshop: London, UK
Hands On workshop: Melb, AU
Hands On workshop: Perth, AU
ABMS: Auckland, NZ
ABMS: Queenstown, NZ

Won't he just shut up

          With a double-major in talking smack, Oli has fronted countless wedding-industry trends, zigging when the zeitgeist is zagging.

          Oli is commissioned to teach photographers on all continents (including a session in Antarctica that one time) & consults with a broad range of industry partners on trends, branding, user experience, and more.

          Current educational material lives over at, soon to be moved and relaunched on here, including courses on analogue, branding and design to pair with the editing course.

international speaker              
& creative conspirator:

          Make an enquiry about solo mentoring, group mentoring, or being involved in your conference, retreat or podcast. Please note Oli does not do any content-marketing co-promotion on his own accounts.

          Notable passion-points over the last decade:

- Advanced market separation
- Design, branding & copywriting
- Input & output: your creative diet
- Advanced image curation

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