Queenstown Helicopter elopement

The Complete Guide to a Queenstown Helicopter Elopement

Nov 18, 2016

Next to baking a loaf of bread using nothing but beer, this is the most majestic thing I’ve ever witnessed. A helicopter elopement in New Zealand. Two lovers soaring above the treetops, with a backdrop of snowcapped mountains and glimmering glacial lakes. This is the complete guide to a quirky Queenstown helicopter elopement.

Why a Queenstown Helicopter elopement?

New Zealand is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, according to the Global Peace Index (2020). It’s also one of the most beautiful countries in the world, according to me (and the millions of other people who feature its glorious scenic views on their Instagram accounts).

From snowcapped peaks to glistening glacial lakes and dense, green forests, there’s endless buckets of variety for incredible wedding photography. When you add a majestic helicopter into the mix, you can capture images with phenomenal views that no ordinary wedding could match, and that’s the exact reason these two lovers decided to high-tail it over the seas to elope there.

Jumping in a chopper allows access to places that are unable to be reached on foot, especially if you’re wearing a long white dress and heels.

Queenstown Helicopter Elopement
Queenstown Helicopter Elopement
Queenstown Helicopter Elopement
Queenstown Helicopter Elopement

Who can take you to the Queenstown peaks?

Over The Top!

These Queenstown locals will give you a Queenstown helicopter elopement to die for.

“Arrive in style to your wedding venue, or capture your wedding photos against a stunning mountain backdrop. Whether it is just for two or the entire entourage, let us help you take a flight on your special day.”

– Over The Top

Over The Top have a bunch of experiences available to wedding parties and couples who want to take their nuptials to the next level, and they’ll even create a 100% bespoke elopement trip for you. Go for a super reclusive wedding on the shore of an alpine lake, or travel to the highest peak of the tallest mountain and exchange vows as you breathe in the raw, natural air of the Queenstown wilderness.

You can even fit in a cheeky round of 4500ft golf between “I dos”.

Plan your Queenstown elopement for December-February and enjoy a warmer, sunshine filled flight in the midst of summer. If you prefer the cooler months, aim for a June-August wedding and “Let It Go” in the snowcapped peaks surrounding the jaw-dropping Queenstown region.

Over The Top have a range of copters to fulfil the booking needs of every couple. They will also pick you up from your Queenstown accommodation, if that bakes your muffins.

Queenstown Wedding Services

Alongside Over The Top, Queenstown has an enormous array of businesses within the wedding industry.

For all things Queenstown wedding related, check out the Queenstown Wedding Association website.

As if you needed any more convincing, here are a few more pics snapped at a bloody delightful New Zealand helicopter elopement.

Queenstown helicopter elopement: Lil and Jake (featured on Hello May)

Lil (a fabulous photographer in her own right, just to add a little weight to the whole exercise) and Jake, a quiet-genius musician, at the last minute decided to elope to the brilliant Queenstown alps, before having a larger wedding day with friends and family out at the Diggers Store back in Victoria.

Queenstown heli wedding
Queenstown heli wedding
Queenstown heli wedding
Queenstown heli wedding
Lili and Jakes Queenstown heli wedding, featured on Hello May Magazine.

Check out some of the best wedding celebrants (and human beings) Melbourne has to offer. Since we’re on the topic of New Zealand, also check out this Solscape wedding in Raglan.

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