Worlds first Vogue, Vanity Fair photo booth. Introducing, BLANC.

Mar 9, 2024

We have just opened the doors to BLANC: the worlds first live-portrait experience, for weddings and events. You can book this with any Briars Atlas wedding photography coverage – or even if you have booked someone else. This is an incredible alternative to the traditional photobooth, and we have a hunch that you’ve never seen anything quite like it.

No shade on the fancy shades, but we don’t bring props, and we don’t use a cold machine with a countdown timer. This is a live portrait experience by internationally award winning portrait photographers, bookable by the hour.

Suited to the canapes hour or a couple of hours of your reception, you can book BLANC to be installed anywhere inside or out. We’ll bring out the best of your guests, and deliver professional, studio quality images the same night of your wedding.

That’s right… we think waiting a week for your photobooth photos is a bit naff.

Book the BLANC live portrait experience now.


How do you deliver the photobooth photos so fast?

There are two of us operating the live studio experience (we prefer to call it that, as it’s anything *but* a photobooth), and one of us is editing and printing the images while the other is photographing your guests. After we clock off, we ensure that your gallery is processed and uploaded in time for your guests to enjoy them right as they’re doom scrolling their phones as their heads have hit the pillow after your fabulous event at 2am.

Wait… you print them too?

All BLANC bookings include as many 4×6″ professional prints, hand delivered to your guests, as we can pump out on the fly. We aim to at least create one print of every setup. Last time, we did a little over 150 prints while we were there.

Can I order more prints?

Every single photograph we take will be uploaded into your very own portal, where you and your guests can order incredible prints from the best fine-art lab in Australia.

So it’s a photo booth, but not a photo booth?

A photo booth is something you go into and bring a cheesy grin while waiting for a timer to count down. They’re fun, but this is entirely different: this is a world-class studio portrait shoot, on-site at your event by a portrait photographer. The difference? Instead of your guests relying on props to bring out their personalities, a skilled photographer will interact with them, making a wide range of incredible portraits that show them at their best. You just have to see it to believe it – so, scroll back up.

Why Vanity Fair photo booth?

When most people look at our live studio shoot images, they’re reminded of the Oscars entrance portraits, or a setup from Vanity Fair. We’re quite alright with that comparison, and it’s probably the best way of communicating what you receive.

We’re looking for some more wedding vendors. Any hot tips?

Check out the best Melbourne Wedding celebrants going, and also these gorgeous unique wedding venues (we think we’d look pretty fancy at all of them, particularly at a Reine and La Rue wedding).

We’re in Sydney – can we book you interstate?

BLANC is available in every state in Australia (check out this Beta Bar wedding in Sydney), and you can even book us for your destination wedding. Travel fees apply.

These have an aesthetic that looks like old film photography. Are they?

BLANC portraits are all taken on digital, so that we can turn them around for you on the very night of your wedding. If you are looking for 35mm film photos of your wedding or elopement, head over here where we have more information on being a film wedding photographer.

Can you recommend a great wedding planner with your booth?

There are many brilliant wedding planners in Melbourne, Geelong and beyond, and one great one that comes to mind now is Weddings of Desire.

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