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Oli is an armchair anthropologist, fascinated with all of the weird, wonderful, large and small things that make us human. Don't be fooled by any of the wacky stuff on this website - he takes this job super seriously, and 200 of the worlds most discerning couples have hired him to gather record of precious memories and moments.

It turns out that a lot of these things are on display when we celebrate and engage in ritual (a wedding), and Oli photographs them from his home base in Melbourne, and has also become the choice for folks wanting creative coverage of their wedding everywhere over the world.

Having been within several creative industries over the last two decades, he currently spends his time as an award winning photographer and creative lecturer internationally, and if you connect with the images over this site, would be honoured to invest himself into making something wonderful for you.

Lactose free, FDA approved. Photos that are good for your soul, and good for your mantlepiece.

I grew up on Where's Wally, 90's video games, classical-guitar and hair-metal. When I started this, in much the same way I loved such a wide range of pursuits, I wanted to believe that there was a way to do justice to all of the weird and wonderful things that happen at a wedding.

Because it's all there: the romantic, the anarchic, the soft, the loud. The way I see a wedding, is by wondering what Wes Anderson or David Lynch would make of it as Jennifer Rush plays in the background, while someone does a nudie-run.
It's for this reason that everything is given a chance, and every moment as important as the next - and sometimes, not the moments you thought might be important.

I like to think that this is why leading creatives and photographers have continually flown me all over the world to document their own weddings: over Australia, to Europe, Antarctica and beyond.

And whether it's a group of scientists in Antarctica, a wedding in an Italian clifftop castle, or quiet vows in a backyard, the magic in each of them is equal.
I'm fortunate to have had my work recognised as being International wedding photographer of the year in 2019 (analogue category), Rangefinder New York Top-30, and by being the choice for discerning couples worldwide, year on year.

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A photo of Liv and Adam at their Melbourne Wedding by Wedding photographer Briars Atlas