Destination wedding photographer

April 1, 2019

I’ve photographed hundreds of couples, and nearly every continent on the planet (including Antarctica). This beautiful job has had me photographing love, ceremony, and connection all over the planet as a destination wedding photographer for the most discerning couples, and it would be an enormous honour to photograph your wedding, no matter where on the planet it is.

Enjoy this little ride through all things weird wild and wonderful, from commissions in Ravello Italy, Antarctica, to Munich, Palm Springs, New Zealand, Spain, Sydney, New Zealand and beyond.

These beautiful couples have been featured in Martha Stewart, Wedding Chicks, Hello May, Together Journal and more, and it’s easy to see why.

Destination wedding photographer: Lake Placid

Destination wedding photographer

Ryan and Alan, deep in Lake Placid, in Upstate New York. Martha Stewart Weddings featured their incredible day, and you can view it here.

Destination wedding photographer: San Francisco

Destination wedding photographer

Lexi and Sean locked it down in a beautiful intimate ceremony at San Francisco town hall. I got to fly in and document this old Sydney friend marrying her fella in a whirlwind day-trip from San-Diego.

Destination wedding photographer: New Zealand

Destination wedding photographer

This is Fran, in a gust of wind, in an actual blizzard, draped in a Brooke Tyson gown, on a volcano in New Zealand. The places this crazy gig takes me.

Destination wedding photographer: Portugal

Destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer: Tasmania

Destination wedding photographer

Maria and Ingo, from Germany, to the majestic Pumphouse Point, deep in the heart of Tasmania. I spent a few days with these marvels, and you can view their beautiful destination elopement on Together Journal.

Destination wedding photographer: Gananoque, Canada

Destination wedding photographer

Jenelle and Parker don’t do things in halves. That means bringing all of their beautiful community over to the pristine Gananoque waters off the coast of Canada, and hauling my ass over from Australia to document their incredible 3 day wedding, on a string of houseboats.

You can see their incredible week-long rustic wedding in full over on Wedding Chicks.

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