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Apr 5, 2019

More than just the recipients of gold medals in general charm and debonair, Jared and Jacob are Humdrum Films, Melbourne filmmakers with an incomprehensibly detailed eye and progressive style that’s hunted down by the most discerning couples worldwide.

Humdrum Films don’t make wedding films that just show you the play-by-play – their films make you feel, and their films cast an artistic eye over your day that you won’t find anywhere else – one of the perks of them having long-established careers in other arms of arts filmmaking.

Humdrum let their curiosity wander, and turn your already beautiful setting and story into something you probably didn’t quite imagine it could be, in the best possible way.

There’s a good reason that Humdrum Films are in my Melbourne wedding planning guide, as well as nestled atop this list of the best Melbourne wedding videographers, so take a gander at a wedding we worked on together: the wedding of Hannah and Ben, held at the Royal Mail Hotel Dunkeld, in the Grampians.

I picked their brain on how they’re doing during Covid, what they’re changing, and how their talents are being put to use in this wild time.

Humdrum Films
Humdrum Films

Hannah and Ben ducking out for the last wisp of sunlight at the Royal Mail Hotel.

Humdrum Films: Hannah and Ben

You can view Hannah and Bens full day, supported by the incredible planning of Will and Jac, published over on Farewell Fiancee.

What do your couples constantly say about you?

 Couples always remark how easy we make the whole process, and what a fun day it was. I mean yes you have to know your craft, but technology has really levelled the playing field in terms of technical quality and whats on offer – what we do is almost intangible – so much of what we do is about how we make people feel.

We make people feel at ease and so they relax, they enjoy themselves and they enjoy hanging out with us. That means we’re able to get closer to them and their real story. Its how we ensure our films are authentic and not a remix of the same shit everyone else is doing.

If we do our jobs right, they’ll mean that hug at the end of the night. We may meet us strangers, but we’ll leave as friends. 

That and ‘Please leave some canapés for the guests’

What you wish couples said about you

The venue said they’ll feed you straight after the bridal table and treat you like actual human beings.

Humdrum Films

Are there any nifty things that you found out about yourself in ISO?

That the fall from my second story balcony probably wouldn’t be enough to kill me.

I’ve learnt it turns out doing jump squats in your apartment in a vain attempt to stay fit during lockdown really pisses off the neighbours and results in a passive aggressive note being left at your door.

That and the value of human connection – we’re pretty bloody lucky to do what we do and get to hang out with people on arguably one of the best days of their lives, its a real treat. Makes us miss weddings for sure.

Method of apocalypse aversion and the one movie you’d bring into the bunker to watch forever?

Blatant ignorance. Pretend its not a thing. Carry on as normal etc. Virus? What Virus? 

Jacob’s taking Happy Gilmore: ‘the greatest film of all time’

I’d be taking Mission Impossible (the first one) – vintage Tom Cruise suspended upside down unnecessarily from the ceiling? Yes please.

Also, this film by Humdrum has to be seen to be believed – prepare to have any idea of what you think a “wedding film” looks like, gloriously squashed.

Find Humdrum Films online here.

A short list of other vendors that took part in Hannah and Bens wedding, featured on this page working alongside these two maestros:

Photography: Briars Atlas
Videographer: Humdrum
Venue: The Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld
Wedding Planner: will&jac
Celebrant: Megan Thompson
Flowers: Prunella
Music: Rutherford Entertainment
Bridal gown: Paolo Sebastian
Makeup: Tess Holmes
Suit: P Johnson
Stationary: Mickey Loves Jacqui
Sperry Tent: UnderSky
Furniture: Place Settings
Whiskey Cart: Good Day Rentals

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Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne
Destination wedding photographer

Apr 1, 2019

I’ve photographed hundreds of couples, and nearly every continent on the planet (including Antarctica). This beautiful job has had me photographing love, ceremony, and connection all over the planet as a destination wedding photographer for the most discerning couples, and it would be an enormous honour to photograph your wedding, no matter where on the planet it is.

Enjoy this little ride through all things weird wild and wonderful, from commissions in Ravello Italy, Antarctica, to Munich, Palm Springs, New Zealand, Spain, Sydney, New Zealand and beyond.

These beautiful couples have been featured in Martha Stewart, Wedding Chicks, Hello May, Together Journal and more, and it’s easy to see why.

Destination wedding photographer: Lake Placid

Destination wedding photographer

Ryan and Alan, deep in Lake Placid, in Upstate New York. Martha Stewart Weddings featured their incredible day, and you can view it here.

Destination wedding photographer: San Francisco

Destination wedding photographer

Lexi and Sean locked it down in a beautiful intimate ceremony at San Francisco town hall. I got to fly in and document this old Sydney friend marrying her fella in a whirlwind day-trip from San-Diego.

Destination wedding photographer: New Zealand

Destination wedding photographer

This is Fran, in a gust of wind, in an actual blizzard, draped in a Brooke Tyson gown, on a volcano in New Zealand. The places this crazy gig takes me.

Destination wedding photographer: Portugal

Destination wedding photographer

Destination wedding photographer: Tasmania

Destination wedding photographer

Maria and Ingo, from Germany, to the majestic Pumphouse Point, deep in the heart of Tasmania. I spent a few days with these marvels, and you can view their beautiful destination elopement on Together Journal.

Destination wedding photographer: Gananoque, Canada

Destination wedding photographer

Jenelle and Parker don’t do things in halves. That means bringing all of their beautiful community over to the pristine Gananoque waters off the coast of Canada, and hauling my ass over from Australia to document their incredible 3 day wedding, on a string of houseboats.

You can see their incredible week-long rustic wedding in full over on Wedding Chicks.

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