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Melbourne Wedding Photographer reviews

Apr 4, 2019

It’s such a thrill to work with the most discerning couples week in week out, and it brings me enormous pleasure to offer a style of work and personal investment that isn’t available anywhere else, and so on this page are some of my melbourne wedding photographer reviews.

Here’s what some of them have had to say in response to receiving their images.

Lexy and Sean

WOW Oli we just watched the clip. And again. And another time, ha! Absolutely floored by them all. We bow down to the master! So incredible.

Thank you so much.

Also, I absolutely love how much these photos show how much fun we were having that day. It seems like a dream, did it really happen? Can’t wait to see the entire set, absolutely no stress or rush on any of it.

So thankful to have received what you’ve pulled together for us so far. We’re absolutely blown away with them all.

Like seriously, absolutely overwhelmed with how amazing they all are. Thank you so so so much from the bottom of our hearts!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding

Lachy and Sarah

Where can we start? Sarah and I have just sat down to revisit your marvellous work and we’re stoked that you were there on the day capturing the magic of the land, the people and the joyous moments that flowed. 

Thank you so much for giving yourself and your creativity to our party on the hill. It kinda feels like a world ago now, these very photos taken moments before a pandemic was ever on our minds. So many humans in close proximity(!). So thank you, really dig it man. 

I’m going to pass it over to Sarah and she is going to share a few words 😉 

Oli it was such a pleasure to hangout with you on the first of March 2020!! Thanks for being so down for the barefoot walks and the early morning in Sth Gippsland. Sooo appreciate your Very Generous extra time on the day, too. Adore your work and CAN’T WAIT to get some things printed!!

Bless you and bless your life-giving skillz x x x

Sarah and Lachy beach wedding Melbourne

Sam and Paul

You Sir are a genius!!! Our world’s aligned for a reason.

You have us two captivated, as you captured every emotion and moment – obviously we’re blubbering messes at the moment! What a marvellous showcase.

The preview was exciting and the main event has blown us away.

You captured us and each and every moment of our Wedding day spectacularly. You are quite the story teller!

Sam and Paul Thornbury Theatre wedding

Tess and Sam

Oli, we are crying. I think I’ve already ‘previewed’ it 5 times this morning. Thank you for helping us relive it. 

We really can’t thank you enough. 

Melbourne wedding photographer reviews
Kangaroo valley wedding
Kangaroo valley wedding

Sarah and Andrew (featured on Together)

We are over the bloody moon mate. So many incredible memories and they all came flooding back. Both very emotional. Has absolutely made both of our days.

You did such and amazing job capturing our friends, the architecture, the property and nature, the moments and the feeling. Seriously mate. Cannot wait to see anything else you have. 

We particularly love our posed shots. The moody black and whites are amazing. Your colour grading is so beautiful. The way you frame. Just all of it mate!

It was one hell of a day for you starting at 6am till about midnight. I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us.

You blew all of our expectations and still are. You have given us another shot of wedding love and vibe. Let’s see how long we can stay on this high!

Melbourne wedding photographer reviews
bundanon trust wedding

Zoe and Adam

Oli… wow… I knew you were incredible, but that blew me/us away.

Many many tears. 

They’re beyond beautiful and we couldn’t have pictured them anymore perfectly. THANK YOU SO MUCH, you fucking maestro. And those film ones, I’m drooling.  

These capture everything I love about photos, moments being encapsulated in time and feeling like you’re right there. They’re all beautiful.

And I’m so glad you took film for us because there truly ain’t anything like it! 

(I do love shooting film at weddings – read this post to see why)

Analog wedding photographer
Melbourne wedding photographer reviews
Melbourne wedding photographer reviews
Melbourne wedding photographer reviews

For more Melbourne wedding photographer reviews, head to my Google reviews.

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