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Dec 21, 2020

6 amazing wedding bands, DJ’s and singers: short and sweet

  1. Like this Band
  2. Tobi Tobi Music
  3. Lark Music
  4. Just Me Plus One
  5. One More Song Entertainment
  6. Melbourne Entertainment Company

From small, intimate duos, to full, scaleable big-bands. Here is a roundup of the best wedding music in Melbourne, including DJ’s, wedding singers, bands and musician duos. I’ve seen each of these wedding bands perform at weddings all over Melbourne and Victoria, and they’re magic, and tick every box you didn’t imagine needed ticking with this sort of thing.

Booking a wedding band or musician has a little more gravitas on it than you might imagine. Far more than being just background music – it’s the difference between your guests having a ripping time at your wedding or not, and in no small way, they are often the glue between all of the other elements you’ve booked.

If you’re going to book wedding music, they might as well be top of the tree and genuine lovers of what they do: music!

No-one wants to sift through an enormous confusing list, so here’s 5 Melbourne wedding bands that make incredible wedding music – read on for a little more detail:

1. Melbourne Wedding Band: Like This Corporate Band

Like This band leverage something entirely unique that can’t be bought or imitated: they’re all real-life friends, and have played together as a unit since forever. Don’t take too much from the word “corporate” in “Like This Corporate” – they’re anything but a bunch of stiffs.

What this means for you, is this: no awkward referring to sheet-music or scenarios with band members not being in sync with each other, which is far more common than you might imagine, and affects how authentic and on-point the music comes across to your guests. And this translates to them partying hard.

Like This Corporate are a well-oiled machine, and having seen them perform at several weddings, it’s something special to see.

When you book Like This Corporate:

Expect an immersive experience, where the members are joining guests in the middle of the dance-floor for sax-solos, sing-alongs, and the most incredible musicianship available in Melbourne. Scaleable from large to small, they can take a post at any point of your wedding.

Something that Like This Corporate offer that no-one else can:

Their lead vocalist and pillar of charisma, Cadeyrn, can literally morph his vocals to sing, anything. From Sinatra, to Nick Cave, to John Mayer, over to every classic imaginable, you will absolutely be doing a double-take and wondering if the real deal is in the room. If you haven’t yet heard Like This, this can’t be overstated enough: Like This don’t cover other artists, they BECOME them.

Make an enquiry with Like This Corporate

2. Melbourne Wedding Duo: Tobi Tobi Music

I first met Tobi Tobi at Amy and Bronsons wedding, featured on Hello May.

Renee and Jamie, also known formally as Tobi Tobi Music, with have you swooning over their ethereal soundscapes, filling the air with what should be impossible with just two people. Because of this, these two are commissioned all over the world to cast their craft as the backdrop to wedding ceremonies and canap├ęs.

When you book Tobi Tobi Music:

Expect an experience where your guests are doing double takes at how Renee and Jamie are interpreting every type of song under the sun, and making it their (and your) own at your wedding.

Tobi Tobi - best wedding band in Melbourne

Something that Tobi Tobi Music offer that no-one else can:

Renee has a voice that softly cuts through a gathering and just has to be heard to be believed, and the way Jamie and herself weave songs into something far beyond what you know them as, is just out of this world.

Apart from that, if the Tobi Tobi Music instagram is anything to go by they’re well documented as going to extra lengths to make sure their wizardry waved over your day is not only music but a fully personalised experience that will leave a memorable mark on you and your guests.

I first came across Tobi Tobi Music while working with the inimitable Nathan Kaso at Amy and Bronson’s wedding, and their tunes have stuck with me since.

Make an enquiry with Tobi Tobi Music

3. Melbourne Wedding Band: Lark Music

Led by Luke O’Connor, Lark Music are at the pinnacle of the modular band experience at a wedding. Within Lark Music, you can pick your flavour: from DJ, to duo, to ten-part band and beyond. As a Melbourne wedding band Lark offer a fully customised experience entertaining small intimate weddings, to large wedding armageddons.

When you book Lark Music:

Expect a slick and professional experience that can only come from a seasoned machine that has absolutely seen it all.

Something that Lark Music offer that no-one else can:

With their incredible extended network of musician friends and enormous tight core, if you can forgive me sounding like i’m marketing an I.T firm for a hot minute, they are the epitome of a “scaleable soultion”. Soulution was a typo but i’m damn well leaving it there because it fits.

Make an enquiry with Lark Music

4. Melbourne Acoustic Wedding Band: Just Me Plus One

Video by Lunar Red Films

The head-honcho of Just Me Plus One, Vanessa, is a seasoned songstress with over 1000 (!) gigs under her belt. An incredible body of work like that translates to a wild level of experience and empathy that has her locking in with crowds like, I guess, some kind of well-churned item of dairy produce onto lightly caramelised bread.

When you book Just Me Plus One:

When you book Just Me Plus One, you get a seasoned performer who will not only cast a cracking spell on your guests on the day, but before all that, walk you through the process of either creating a bespoke package for you, or work together with your own recommendations.

Just Me Plus One - best wedding band in Melbourne

Something that Just Me Plus One offers that no-one else does:

Expect the warm, room-controlling presence of someone who can simultaneously walk the professional tightrope of having an impossible number of wildly varied gigs under her belt, while at the same time being a calm, friend next door presence to all in the room.

Make an enquiry with Just Me Plus One

5. Best Melbourne Wedding DJ: One More Song Entertainment

When “No More Nutbush” are the first words that hit you on their website, you get a small taste of what you’re in for with this brilliant wedding DJ. Aleks and Eddy are a wedding music partner-duo (in case you haven’t picked up the theme of this post – all of the artists here are either friends or partners!), and i’ve had the wild pleasure of watching Aleks keep a room of the most discerning partyers going late into the evening at a wedding.

When you book One More Song Entertainment:

Expect the best DJ’s in town turning up to turn up. If you want to get a good feel for how their sets weave, they’ve brilliantly included a variety of mixes over on their website linked below.

Something that One More Song Entertainment offer that no-one else can:

Expert crowd-readers, One More Song somehow split their attention between manning the decks and empathetically reading the crowd from top to tail. See their post here on how to plan your wedding music.

Make an enquiry with One More Song Entertainment

6. Whole package – Melbourne Entertainment Company

I can vouch for the “we make memories” mantra on the Melbourne Entertainment Company homepage, as that’s exactly what happened when i saw them dominate a room of party-pants at Melbourne wedding venue favourite, Rupert on Rupert. Not only a brilliant wedding entertainment collective, they’re also trusted as resident DJ’s at Nova. Boom.

When you book Melbourne Entertainment Company:

Expect full service, no holds barred dancefloor anarchy, and musical surprises at any turn. Most importantly, the care and attention of a mob that have a genuine investment in the experience of your guests.

Something that Melbourne Entertainment Company offer that no-one else can:

The whole package. Melbourne Entertainment Co are, literally, the whole package.

Make an enquiry with the Melbourne Entertainment Company

Melbourne Entertainment Company

And there we go. Hopefully this post was a delightfully useful little morsel of an insight into the wedding band options available in Melbourne.

What kind of music do you play at a wedding?

1. Each write a list of your top 10 songs
2. See what the crossover is like, and debate any differences (with a wine in hand)
3. Consult your hardest partying mate (everyone has one) for a second opinion
4. Check out this post on how to plan your wedding music

What is the top 10 wedding songs?

The top 10 wedding songs are different and unique to each couple. If you’re having trouble working out what yours are, here’s a great post on how to plan your wedding music

What is a good first dance song?

A better question to ask is “what songs would I throw on the record player at 10pm with a glass of wine in hand”. Make your wedding song yours, and not picked from someone elses list.

Should I use an iPod or a DJ?

A wedding DJ knows how to read a room, pace your evening, and will stop any fights over the iPod. Book a DJ.

What is the best wedding band in Melbourne?

Like This Corporate is the best wedding band in Melbourne. Scroll up to the top of this post to see their incredible Frank Sinatra interpretation, and head over to their website for more examples.

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