Top 5 reasons why small wedding venues are the best

January 20, 2020

If you’re wondering why small wedding venues are the best, all you have to do is check out this list of incredible small wedding venues.

  1. These venues pack a punch: folks who run a small wedding venue, such as Rupert on Rupert, are able to dedicate a brilliant design sensibility to a more unique and quirky arrangement of space.
  2. Less empty space for your guests: small wedding venues are great because there is less space and the area feels fuller, which makes for a less awkward experience for guests. Think of it like fireworks in a can of beans.
  3. More choice: naturally, because they occupy less space, you’ll find there are far more options for your small wedding, from bars, to mini warehouses, and everything in between.
  4. Less guests. Struggling to get your guest list down to a manageable number? There’s no better fix for that than the enforced restrictions of a venue that can only hold 20-50 guests. Let the walls of the space to the hard-work for you, and rule out that 7th-removed acquaintance.
  5. The grand calm: small wedding venues just inspire a higher level of calm, thanks to the fact that you’re not organising a wedding in something the size of an aircraft hanger.

Small is beautiful (also the name of a film my friend made).

And that about covers it. Putting on a small wedding? Make an enquiry with me to photograph it.

Rupert on Rupert wedding reception
These images from the incredible Rupert on Rupert, in Collingwood.

Hunting for a brilliant wedding venue in Melbourne? Make sure you check out these incredible small wedding venues, or for something more unique, this list of the best unique wedding venues.

A photograph of a first dance at a small wedding
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