Melbourne Wedding Celebrant Nat Sproal 45 downstairs

You thought you knew: Nat Sproal

Jun 16, 2020

No-one runs a wedding ceremony quite like Nat Sproal Celebrant, and you kinda get a taste of what you’re in for with her catch-cry, “non-crap weddings for legends”.

With Covid forcing us all indoors and all manner of brilliant doorstep portrait projects happening, I wanted to kickstart some convos with my local community and find out how the time and strange space is being used, as it’s never been more important to stay connected and sharing.

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant Nat Sproal 45 downstairs

Nat is on a fast moving carriage headed into “do it your way”s-ville, and that’s Nat’s wheelhouse. Nat controls a room, sometimes controlling said room into uncontrollable fits of laughter, and generally is a master at breaking the ice, and stopping her couples from breaking a sweat with hear down to earth way of running a ceremony.

Here’s some outtakes with 5 minutes spent with her.

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant Nat Sproal 45 downstairs

So who the hell are you, what do your friends think you do, and what do you actually do?

Just a mad dog who marries peeps for a living and surfs the adrenaline wave.

My friends think I run the big show and then swan around drinking champagne – which is pretty spot on.

But there’s also some planning and writing in there too.

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant Nat Sproal 45 downstairs

What excites you most about the culture of weddings in Melbourne?

The fact that there is a culture.

A culture of doing things a little differently.

Well, particularly north of the river anyway.

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant Nat Sproal The Line Footscray

What do you feel separates you from those around you in your line of work?

A great Melbourne wedding celebrant is a great people person, a talented writer and a charismatic presenter. If you have all three things locked (rare in this gig, despite it being saturated with purveyors), you’re dangerous.

I’m working my way to being a total weapon.

But mainly I think I just keep it real. You won’t find fluffy text, a watercolour logo or a proclamation that I love love in my bio. Ever. 

A wedding at 45 downstairs

How have you kept your business healthy during Covid, and how might couples now benefit from it?

I’ve communicated with my clients from the start. I was in touch with all couples with weddings until the end of 2020 before the lockdown even started- and I kept talking to them.

My priorities were supporting them to have a ripping wedding at a later date- but also protecting my business. I’ve updated my site, resources, set up a CRM and written ceremonies up till the end of Nov. I’m ready to roll baby.

Melbourne Wedding Celebrant Nat Sproal 45 downstairs

How do you see the future of celebrations in our city and what mark do you want to leave on it?

I reckon we’ll see further steps away from original plans and more diversity. Lots of downsizing, weekday weddings and fresh ideas. Lots of people’s priorities and financial capacities have changed. 

I’ve got a couple who were having a massive wedding at a big venue who have quartered their guest list and changed to beer and pizza at a local craft beer house with live tunes. They’re so much happier and it suits them to a tee. There’s a lot of this going on which has me pumped.

I have a sick project in the works which will cater to these types of couples who are switching things up- and new couples wanting to leave the bullshit behind and focus on what counts.

Watch this space!

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