Super 8 Wedding Film: nostalgia, made with love (and weird old cameras)

March 24, 2021
a super 8 wedding film still of Gina (Georgie Boy flowers)

We offer a nostalgic super 8 wedding film for folks looking for something less grandiose, and more gritty. In fact, it’s exactly what i’d book for myself, and the look that this incredible 1970’s format gives, is like nothing else on the planet. No sound, no drawn-out storytelling: just the best bits, the weird and the wacky, stored perfectly on real celluloid in the only way that the super-8 film format can.

In 2018 a special, strange looking thing landed in my lap: a super-8 camera. You can find them everywhere, and they look wonderful. Once I got the first tape back, I was hooked, and immediately began offering it for wedding couples.

Super 8 wedding film - emma and ben in the forest

If you’ve booked me for your wedding photography, then adding a film comes at a discount.

If you’ve not booked me, you can still enquire for a standalone wedding film using my contact form at the top. If you’d like to connect with my Super-8 wedding film account, head over to Supergreat films.

What is a super 8 wedding film?

A super 8 film is a 3-5 minute highlight of your wedding, captured on the incredible, unmistakeable format that is real super-8 film. You might know the look without realising it: it was the format used to document much of the worlds family history throughout the 60’s and 70’s.

Does super 8 film have sound?

Super 8 film does not record sound. In the past it did, but that format has since been phased out. If you would like sound recorded, I recommend also booking a wedding videographer.

How much is a film?

I craft these in a unique way, and shoot enough tapes to have plenty to work with. To cover processing and material fees, my super 8 wedding videos start at $2k.

When can I see my film?

After I film your wedding or session, the tapes are sent deep into northern Victoria, where my lab-wizard processes them chemically, before sending me the files. This part alone can take up to 3 weeks. From there, I do my edit. You should expect to receive your finished super 8 wedding film inside 6 weeks.

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