Best Melbourne Parks for weddings

Best Melbourne parks for weddings

Feb 2, 2019

Melbourne might be more known for it’s incredible alternative wedding venues the pop up from the inner city all the way out into the suburbs, but we’ve got so much incredible nature at our fingertips, and closer in to the city than you might imagine, so these are some of the best Melbourne parks for weddings both small and large.

As a Melbourne Wedding photographer i’ve spent over half a decade photographing love and ceremony all over the state, and so this is five of my favourite garden and park locations where you can host your wedding.

** To find out all associated costs for hosting your wedding at any of the parks below in Melbourne, please be sure to check the links and make an enquiry directly to them (you don’t wanna load the joint up with 200 of your crew only to then have the Prosecco-Police roll up and point everyone towards the exit).

Also, spot tip: if you’re planning a Melbourne elopement, this is your location guide.

Fairfield Boathouse

Fitzroy Gardens

Stephanie and Aleks were married during Covid19, which meant a downscaled wedding at one of Melbournes best parks to host a wedding.

Melbourne Park Wedding Fitzroy Gardens

Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Royal Exhibition Building gardens

Collingwood Childrens farm

St Vincent Gardens south melbourne

Treasury Gardens

Also to Consider


That’s a wrap of some of the best Melbourne parks for weddings. Now, go forth and select one, and then let us drop one of these on it. For one of the best parks in Sydney, check out this Centennial Park Wedding.

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