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May 12, 2021

Make it move, with style: these are the best wedding videographers in Melbourne. The days of cringe-inducing, cheesy wedding videos (where everyone in the lounge room looks like they would rather go and do their tax return than sit through another cliched waltz through a field set to a millennial whoop) are well and truly over: these Melbourne wedding videographers bring style, sass, a sensitivity to you as a couple, and often, industry-awarded backgrounds in other creative pursuits that have led them to be some of the most unique and sought after wedding videographers on the planet, let alone Melbourne.

To see their work scroll down, and also be sure to check out the cheat sheet. Feature film below by Humdrum Films.

Wedding Videographer Melbourne: Top 5 (not in order):

  1. Bottlebrush Films
  2. Humdrum Films
  3. The Beginning
  4. Supergreat Films
  5. Truestory Wedding Films

Wedding Videography can be a last-minute inclusion, but when you see the work these maestros produce you’ll agree that it’s something to prioritise a little higher, as these incredible artists balance journalism with an artistic, creative twist on your wedding day. These 5 motion marvels are the most sought after wedding videographers in Melbourne.

Say no to cheese, no to cringe, and yes to bringing someone along for the ride who will be incredible fun on the day, and make you something that you’ll love for years to come.

And I mean “proper” love, not “your mates telling you they love it but really they want to run away and watch paint dry” love.

Anyway – here is a handful of the best: creative, beautiful humans, and a thoughtful, relaxed inclusion to your day that will create you something you’ll want to look at and not stuff under the bed gathering dust.

Wedding videographer melbourne: a roundup of the top melbourne wedding videographers

Needless to say – picking your Melbourne wedding videographer carefully and thoughtfully will be one of the best decisions you make for your day.

If you don’t believe me – just check out every “I wish I…” post where folks look back at their wedding day. In #1 spot each and every time – is those that didn’t hire a great videographer, wishing they had.

Photographs are all well and good, but when push comes to shove, there’s nothing like having your loved ones preserved in movement and sound by the absolute genius artisans on this page.

A good melbourne wedding videographer does more than just hit record on an expensive camera.

You’re going to be spending an entire day together, so at a minimum, you want to like each other. There’s a fine line between affable, and downright intrusive, and as through all of life, you never really know what someone is like until you’ve had to either spend a morning at the supermarket together, or spend the day in front of their lens. So as a public service gesture, all of the videographers on this page are so perfectly tuned in, aware, and certified as utterly brilliant company.

Secondly, and this goes without saying, they have to be a master of their craft. Anyone can wave a camcorder around, and just as your uncle Bobs footage will be so marvellously perfect in it’s own right, over the fence is what these maestros create: art.

So, here we go – what I believe to be Melbournes most unique and creative wedding videographers and cinematographers.

1. Wedding Videographers: Bottlebrush Films

Some of the more unique wedding videography Melbourne has on offer, these two characters wouldn’t look out of place on the character-rack of Tarantinos writing-room. But luckily for us (you), we instead get them all to ourselves. Master crafts-folk and hilarious to boot, Bottlebrush Films are the power couple to end all power couples. Or if not end them – ride with them on a unicorn into an alternate galaxy. Etc. Whatever. Just go follow these two on Tik Tok. Now.

Bottlebrush Films Website –
Bottlebrush Films Feature –
Instagram: @bottlebrushfilms
Address: Greater Melbourne
Phone: 0439 495 004

2. Melbourne Wedding Videographer: Humdrum Films

The most debonair, dashing craftsmen in the game. Jared, Jacob, and their impossibly perfect haircuts swoon around weddings carefully out of the way, with a look of curiosity on their face that you later realise has translated into the most impossibly unique way of seeing what’s in front of them. Small wonder they are quite literally flown around the entire planet filming love across all cultures, because no-one else beats to their drum.

Humdrum Films feature
Hudrum Films Website –
Instagram: @humdrumfilms
Address: 23 Balmain St, Cremorne

3. Wedding Videographer: The Beginning

Helmed by the Luke, The Beginning studio are producing some of the most progressive work out there, effortlessly fusing the most cutting edge in tasteful editing styles, with slick editorial glamour. The Beginning work all over Australia and beyond, and are frequently available to service Melbourne.

The Beginning website
Instagram: @thebeginningstudio

4. Super 8 Wedding Videographer: Supergreat films

Maybe the grittiest, quirky wedding videography Melbourne has going. I’m slightly biased here – as Supergreat Films is the cinematography arm of Briars Atlas. Supergreat Films shoot wedding videos just like the old days: on beautiful Super-8 film straight out of the 1970’s, with some classic 90’s VHS to boot.

As far as wedding videography, a super 8 wedding film is about capturing the feel, not the story: no sound is recorded, no speeches, and the guarantee isn’t a chronological order of what went down, but a wild, anarchic representation of what went down using some of the most beautiful ways of recording moving image that us clever little humans ever developed. With all that said, it’s recommended to hire a proper end-to-end videographer that also records sound and speeches, and hire SuperGreat as a unique addition.

Supergreat films website:

5. Rustic wedding films: True Story Wedding Films

Armed with an infectious smile, wardrobe full of amazing shirts and some of the best videography skills in Melbourne, Tearlach (Tea, for short) will have you covered with some of the most brilliantly uplifting and colourful coverage imaginable.

Supergreat films website:

I’ve been super fortunate to work with all of the highly sought after and creative Melbourne wedding videographers on this page, and if you’re after something out of the ordinary, you can’t go past any of these, and they come at my highest recommendation.

Wedding videographer Melbourne: Cheat-sheet

Melbourne wedding videographerServicingStyleSee their featureContact Website
Bottlebrush FilmsMelbourne and greater VictoriaQuirky, rock n’rollBottlebrush FilmsContact formWebsite
Humdrum FilmsMelbourne and greater VictoriaLuxury, artisticHumdrum FilmsContact formWebsite
The BeginningMelbourne and greater VictoriaDown to earth, creativeTogether JournalContact formWebsite
Supergreat FilmsMelbourne and greater VictoriaGritty, analogueSuper-8 wedding filmsWebsite
Truestory WeddingMelbourne and greater VictoriaFun, classyComing SoonContact formWebsite

Wedding Videographer Melbourne FAQ

You’ve probably never hired a videographer or your own cinematography team before (not altogether unusual), so it’s natural to have a whole lot of questions. Here’s a handful of the most common ones.

An image of a couple in front of the melbourne wedding videographer
Is a videographer worth it for a wedding?

Yes. A wedding videographer who is great at their job seamlessly blends with your community, and creates a brilliant record of the day, with no boring bits. If you don’t believe me, you MUST check out what Humdrum Films do – pure magic.

What is the average cost of a Melbourne wedding videographer?

The average cost of a good wedding videographer is $4000 to $8000. You have to remember that you’re not just hiring them for the day – you’re hiring them as a professional service including about a week of editing in post production. Imagine the costs associated with, for example, hiring a senior tradesperson for 6 full days, and that’s around what your wedding videographer will cost. If you want to know whether it’s worth it, then you just have to look to the work of someone like Bottlebrush Films to see how brilliant and creative you wedding video can be.

How many Melbourne wedding videographers do I need?

You only need one, maybe two wedding videographers. Any more and your wedding day starts to resemble a bad Hollywood set, and your guests are there to see you, not see you covered by a swat team holding cameras. A good wedding videographer needs no more than two people in their team.

How do I take good wedding videos?

You hire a good wedding videographer (5 of them listed on this page – just for you).

Do I need a microphone for my wedding ceremony?

Your wedding videographer will usually have a lapel mic to mic you up for speeches and your vows. Be sure to ask them in advance how they work. You must take a look at the incredibly creative ways that Bottlebrush Films and Humdrum Films use audio in their wedding films for you.

Will I regret not getting a wedding videographer?

Yes. By not hiring a wedding videographer, you’re missing out on creating a record of the sound and movement of your loved ones. Wedding photography is great, but there’s nothing quite like seeing your loved ones in motion. Just see what it looks like when you have the genius of someone like Bottlebrush Films on your team.

How long is the average wedding video?

The average wedding video is around 4-8 minutes long. In the old days, we were forced to sit through hours of unedited footage (which is great to have anyway). Now, your wedding video that you’ll share with your family and friends, is edited with “Watchability” in mind: short, punchy, containing all the good bits. Don’t believe me? Have a look at the incredible catalogue of films by Humdrum Films.

What about Super 8?

If you’re looking for analogue wedding videos, check out this super 8 wedding film.

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If you’ve already booked one of these legendary Melbourne wedding videographers and want me to come along for the ride on stills, you can make an enquiry here.

Humdrum Films Cost

Apr 5, 2019

More than just the recipients of gold medals in general charm and debonair, Jared and Jacob are Humdrum Films, Melbourne filmmakers with an incomprehensibly detailed eye and progressive style that’s hunted down by the most discerning couples worldwide.

Humdrum Films don’t make wedding films that just show you the play-by-play – their films make you feel, and their films cast an artistic eye over your day that you won’t find anywhere else – one of the perks of them having long-established careers in other arms of arts filmmaking.

Humdrum let their curiosity wander, and turn your already beautiful setting and story into something you probably didn’t quite imagine it could be, in the best possible way.

There’s a good reason that Humdrum Films are in my Melbourne wedding planning guide, as well as nestled atop this list of the best Melbourne wedding videographers, so take a gander at a wedding we worked on together: the wedding of Hannah and Ben, held at the Royal Mail Hotel Dunkeld, in the Grampians.

I picked their brain on how they’re doing during Covid, what they’re changing, and how their talents are being put to use in this wild time.

Humdrum Films
Humdrum Films

Hannah and Ben ducking out for the last wisp of sunlight at the Royal Mail Hotel.

Humdrum Films: Hannah and Ben

You can view Hannah and Bens full day, supported by the incredible planning of Will and Jac, published over on Farewell Fiancee.

What do your couples constantly say about you?

 Couples always remark how easy we make the whole process, and what a fun day it was. I mean yes you have to know your craft, but technology has really levelled the playing field in terms of technical quality and whats on offer – what we do is almost intangible – so much of what we do is about how we make people feel.

We make people feel at ease and so they relax, they enjoy themselves and they enjoy hanging out with us. That means we’re able to get closer to them and their real story. Its how we ensure our films are authentic and not a remix of the same shit everyone else is doing.

If we do our jobs right, they’ll mean that hug at the end of the night. We may meet us strangers, but we’ll leave as friends. 

That and ‘Please leave some canapés for the guests’

What you wish couples said about you

The venue said they’ll feed you straight after the bridal table and treat you like actual human beings.

Humdrum Films

Are there any nifty things that you found out about yourself in ISO?

That the fall from my second story balcony probably wouldn’t be enough to kill me.

I’ve learnt it turns out doing jump squats in your apartment in a vain attempt to stay fit during lockdown really pisses off the neighbours and results in a passive aggressive note being left at your door.

That and the value of human connection – we’re pretty bloody lucky to do what we do and get to hang out with people on arguably one of the best days of their lives, its a real treat. Makes us miss weddings for sure.

Method of apocalypse aversion and the one movie you’d bring into the bunker to watch forever?

Blatant ignorance. Pretend its not a thing. Carry on as normal etc. Virus? What Virus? 

Jacob’s taking Happy Gilmore: ‘the greatest film of all time’

I’d be taking Mission Impossible (the first one) – vintage Tom Cruise suspended upside down unnecessarily from the ceiling? Yes please.

Also, this film by Humdrum has to be seen to be believed – prepare to have any idea of what you think a “wedding film” looks like, gloriously squashed.

Find Humdrum Films online here.

A short list of other vendors that took part in Hannah and Bens wedding, featured on this page working alongside these two maestros:

Photography: Briars Atlas
Videographer: Humdrum
Venue: The Royal Mail Hotel, Dunkeld
Wedding Planner: will&jac
Celebrant: Megan Thompson
Flowers: Prunella
Music: Rutherford Entertainment
Bridal gown: Paolo Sebastian
Makeup: Tess Holmes
Suit: P Johnson
Stationary: Mickey Loves Jacqui
Sperry Tent: UnderSky
Furniture: Place Settings
Whiskey Cart: Good Day Rentals

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Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne
Humdrum Films Melbourne