Brooke tyson ritual bridal

Brooke Tyson Ritual

Jul 6, 2020

Brooke Tyson Ritual – some of the most incredible bridal designs on the planet, with delicate contours and flowing textures, and what a treat it was to photograph them in a (real) blizzard, atop a volcano in New Zealand, draped over our incredible model, Fran, for the Story and Light photography workshop hosted by the genius wizardchildren over at Bayly and Moore.

Featured here is the Brooke Tyson Ritual Luna gown, as well as their Flora gown.

Story and Light was sponsored by the brilliant Australian film-lab Atkins, who kindly developed and scanned all of these images, shot entirely on Kodak Film. More on analogue wedding photography.

New Zealand Blizzard
Brooke tyson ritual - Flora gown

Removing herself from the perilously wild volcanic blizzard (despite the hardy protection of the Luna gown), here, we see Fran emerging from a more friendly forest, in the Brooke Tyson Flora gown.

Above and below is the Flora gown. Anyone that has ever met a New Zealander knows that the Ritual collection benefits from the classic kiwi ingenuity, developed in and around curious brain-zaps that test the edges of what bridal gowns should look like.

Brooke tyson ritual - Flora gown
Brooke tyson ritual - Flora gown

Celebrating free-spirits and with inspiration taken from cinema and folklore, the Brooke Tyson Luna gown was pretty much made to be draped across Franc and then whisked by a blizzard in on top of a volcano.

Brooke Tyson are also featured here on my top 5 best modern wedding dresses.

New Zealand Volcano
New Zealand Volcano
Brooke tyson ritual - Luna gown
Brooke tyson ritual - Luna gown
Brooke tyson ritual - Luna gown
This majestic snap also lives in my wedding portraits post.
New Zealand Blizzard
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