Best modern wedding dresses - Brooke Tyson Ritual

Unique Wedding Dresses: 7 modern bridal gowns

Jun 12, 2020

Unique Wedding dresses:

  1. Brooke Tyson Ritual
  2. Suzanne Harward
  3. Alex Perry
  4. KYHA Studios
  5. Paolo Sebastian
  6. Jaime Lee Major
  7. Le Louvre Bridal

I’ve been lucky to photograph love and ceremony on all continents, which means seeing so much of the worlds most incredible bridal design on brilliant lovers in all kids of places: these are 5 of the best modern wedding dresses i’ve had the pleasure of working with.

When you look at how Australian and New Zealand designers have to fight for a place at the table with smaller markets and at a geographical disadvantage to the rest of the world, it’s no surprise then that some of the most brilliant and forward-thinking designs have actually come from this corner of the globe as they place tradition a gentle second, and innovation first, pushing the craft of design past the edges.

And so, incidentally, these designers are all from Australia and New Zealand.

As an art-lover, a beautiful and thoughtfully designed gown is captivating to look at and brilliant to photograph (as a kid who grew up on death-metal and martial-arts, this isn’t exactly a sentence I ever thought i’d say).

This is a run-down of 5 of the most beautiful gowns i’ve had the pleasure of photographing: from Alex Perry, through to designers like Paolo Sebastian.

Unique Short Wedding Dress: Brooke Tyson Ritual

Brooke Tyson Ritual is what happens when you have a curious kiwi, captivated by the world of cinema and nostalgia and with a childhood spent playing dressups, cast her hand to the fine art of bridal couture.

Brooke Tyson’s Ritual gowns shown here are the Flora gown, and the Luna gown, photographed on Franc on film, on a volcano in New Zealand. You can also view a full feature on Brooke Tyson Ritual here.

Best modern wedding gowns - Brooke Tyson Ritual
Best modern wedding gowns - Brooke Tyson Ritual
Best modern wedding gowns - Brooke Tyson Ritual

Find Brooke Tyson Ritual online:

Brooke Tyson Ritual website

Modern Wedding Dress: Suzanne Harward

Suzanne Harward is a designer i’ve had the good fortune of working with several times, and you can see a feature on 3 of the best Suzanne Harward wedding dresses here too.

Suzanne Harward is an icon of the Australian bridal design scene, with a rich long history while always staying two steps ahead of the trends. Check out the impossibly brilliant songbird gown.

Suzanne Harward Songbird Gown
Suzanne Harward modern wedding dress
Suzanne Harward Songbird Gala Gown

Suzanne Harward songbird gown.

Suzanne Harward gown for Melbourne Registry office wedding portraits
Suzanne Harward gown for Melbourne Registry office wedding portraits
Suzanne Harward bridal gown at Newstead Butterland

Find Suzanne Harward

Suzanne Harward website

Modern Square Shoulder Wedding Dress: Alex Perry Bridal

Alex Perry isn’t necessarily a name synonymous with bridal design – and this isn’t even a piece from his bridal collection – but that didn’t stop the forward-thinking Liv from adapting one of his other pieces for her wedding to Adam.

These two marvels are featured on Together Journal, where you can see even more glorious images of their day and her incredible sense of style.

Alex Perry Wedding gown
Alex Perry Wedding dress
Alex Perry Wedding dress
If you like this, check out more black and white wedding photos.
Alex Perry Wedding dress
Alex Perry Wedding gown
Alex Perry wedding gown

Find Alex Perry Bride online

Alex Perry Bride website

Modern Boho Wedding Dress: KYHA Studios

Founded by Kyha Simpson after tying the knot and wanting to bring something new to the industry, KYHA Studios. Designed and handmade in Melbourne, KYHA Studios are one of the early frontrunners of doing things differently, and as a result have inspired an industry-wide shift in risk-taking designs. See more of this Kyha Studios Wedding Dress.

KYHA Studios wedding dress
KYHA Studios wedding dress

Find KYHA Studios

KYHA Studios website

Unique Wedding Dress: Paolo Sebastian

I hope i’m not the only one who, based on the brand name, initially thought Paolo Sebastian was some kind of lavish octogenarian European designer with over half a century of brilliant work under their belt.

Nope – it’s the work from the genius mind of an impossibly young designer, Paul Vasileff, straight out of Adelaide, Australia. Designers like Paolo Sebastian push the edges of classy couture that leans in to the future of the genre.

Paolo Sebastian gowns blend a nod to tradition offset with something resembling the top end of the Disney playground of fantasy designs.

Best Modern wedding dress - Paolo Sebastian
Paolo Sebastian wedding gown
Best Modern wedding dress - Paolo Sebastian

Hannah wears Paolo Sebastian. The Royal Mail Hotel wedding of Hannah and Ben, alongside the inimitable Humdrum Films, is featured on Farewell Fiance. See more of this over on Paolo Sebastian Wedding Dress.

Find Paolo Sebastian

Paolo Sebastian website

Incredible Modern Wedding Dress: Jaime Lee Major

Jaime Lee Majors designs are from another planet. The Fremantle / Perth designer made a name for herself cutting cloth for every celebrity under the sun, beginning initially with an epic gown for Kimbra right around the time of her career take-off.

Since then, Jaime Lee Major has used her progressive, artistic inspired approach to design gowns that push bridal to the very edge. Check out this incredible piece from the Fremantle wedding of Sarah and Dave. See more over on the feature on Jaime Lee Major.

Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major

Find Jaime Lee Major online

Jaime Lee Major on Instagram:

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Classic Unique Wedding Dress: Le Louvre Bridal

Melbourne bridal designers Le Louvre have been around for 95 years, but that doesn’t mean that this classic Le Louvre Wedding Dress, worn here by Bianca, looks like anything other than one of the most incredible designs on the planet.

Unique Wedding Dress Le Louvre
Unique Wedding Dress Le Louvre
Unique Wedding Dress Le Louvre
Unique Wedding Dress Le Louvre
Unique Wedding Dress Le Louvre

Find Le Louvre Bridal

Le Louvre Bridal website:

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