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Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding Guide

Oct 23, 2018

Located just 50km north-east of Melbourne, the Yarra Valley is the perfect road trip destination. With over 70 wineries (see Zonzo), a huge range of tours, and some of the most quaint little hamlets this side of the moon, the Yarra is a true hidden gem. Nestled amongst the hills and valleys of this spectacular region is the incredible venue Stones of the Yarra Valley, one of the best wedding venues Melbourne has to offer, and a place where i’ve been fortunate to photograph weddings at year in year out.

So, here is a Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding guide (as much as we can cover in just a few page scrolls anyhow).

Stones of the Yarra Valley
This couple were asked to raise their hands and clap enthusiastically if they’re completely obsessed with the Yarra Valley*. Clearly, they’re infatuated!

*Ok, maybe they were just dancing at their Stones of the Yarra Valley wedding, but I’m 100% sure this would be their reaction if they were asked the question above.

Pre-Wedding Prep

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel bigger than Ben-Hur. You’ve got everything from accommodation, venue, food and guests to consider – plus the addition of all the little things that seem to skyscraper into the clouds and out of sight. Ugh. When all the little things seem to become too much, allow Stones of the Yarra to kindly step in and offer a helping hand.

Here are just a few of the convenient pre-wedding services they offer:

  • Event staff on hand to provide professional advice.
  • Suggested offsite accommodation and transport, if required.
  • Five exquisite dining rooms to host pre-wedding celebrations.

The entire Yarra region consists of amazing wineries and beautifully scenic attractions that everyone can enjoy. If you don’t find yourself too entangled in the wedding prep itself (ie. if you have an awesome wedding planner), you can check out tours, trails and townships in the surrounding areas.

We were blown away with how perfect everything was and our family and friends are still talking about it.

Stones of the Yarra Wedding Clients – Phoebe & Rob, April 2017

Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding Day Vibes

Game on, maestros.

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding atmosphere, Stones of the Yarra run a super slick operation due to the services they offer. You are in consistently good hands when you choose to exchange vows and carry on celebrations at Stones itself or at one of their two gorgeous sister properties, No7 Healesville or The Warehouse at Meletos.

Honestly, the lengths that this venue goes to in ensuring their happy couples are… well, happy, is absolutely phenomenal.

Depending on the wedding package you choose, you could be basking in the following inclusions:

  • Seasonal decorative foliage.
  • Use of the exquisite grand piano in the chapel.
  • Private bridal room.
  • Tables, chairs, menus, microphones, lecterns, iPod facilities – plus all of the other bits and bobs that go into designing a stunning venue for a stunning reception.
  • Coordination with your external wedding planner and/or services booked to ensure a smooth wedding experience.
  • Friendly staff who are just as excited about your wedding as you are.

All this is just the beginning, which is pretty par for the course when the Stones ring leader Vonnie is driving things.

Post-Wedding Shenanigans

Now, I’m likely talking more to the wedding guests than the stars of the show here, because they’re likely being whisked off on an amazing honeymoon.

So, what can you do at Stones of the Yarra once the vows have been exchanged, the food has been consumed and the bar tab has been exceeded?


As mentioned above, Stones have five ridiculously charming dining rooms to book into for a celebratory meal. You can wander the property and take in the most amazing views. Your Instagram followers will be drooling, believe me.

Outside of the Stones venue, you’ve got the entire Yarra Valley at your disposal! My top 3 suggestions for the adventurous at heart would have to be:

If you’ve made it this far and still have juice in the tank, be sure to check out this post on the best wedding venues in the Yarra Valley for more wedding planning inspiration.

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