Melbourne City Elopement Covid

Mar 27, 2020

So, we’re in a pandemic. Apart from this bizarre scenario gifting us a new vocabulary including such terms as “social distancing”, it’s turned what should be a beautiful process full of joy (and at most, disagreements around what type of paper the invitations will be printed on) into a right old… let’s call it what it is – shitstorm. The beautiful upside is – and stay with me here – it’s opened the doors to many couples enjoying a beautiful Melbourne City elopement – while saving the party with their communities for later.

Read on for ways to find positives by having a small, intimate wedding or elopement during Covid 19.

I’ve been fortunate to photograph a whole lot of weddings during Covid19 (nothing was ever gonna stop the love-train), and the general vibe has been one of optimism, and putting love first.

Forward thinking crews such as I Do Drive Thru and The Altar Electric have made a great space for making the celebration happen, which i’ll go into a little further below.

Melbourrne City elopement
Lexy and Sean eloping in endless style.

What sort of wedding you can have during Covid19

Melbourrne City elopement
Pepe and Sam, married just outside of Melbourne at The Line in Footscray.

It’s difficult to say with conviction “currently, we can do…” as the information available and lockdown situation is changing very quickly, with huge implications on the scale of wedding celebration that can be had.

Presently, though – at this very moment in time – Stage 4 lockdowns have put a temporary hold on things, but beyond that, Stage 3 lockdowns mean a smaller wedding – in effect, an elopement! And that’s good news, for a slew of reasons.

From my personal experience, while this might sound like a compromise, it’s one of the most beautiful ways to celebrate your marriage in an intimate way, have a bunch of fun with it, while rescheduling the big community side of it to a later date.

How to have a Melbourne City Elopement during Covid 19:

Melbourrne City elopement

1. Knock down some wine, and pick a day
2. Get a your small wedding elopement team together
3. Get the papers signed
4. Enjoy a day of meditative celebration to yourselves
5. Update your Facebook status

Consider getting the legals down, teaming up with one of our brilliant Melbourne wedding celebrants (who in the case of I Do Drive Thru, can live-stream your little moment of glory to family and friends far and wide), exploring some of my favourite Melbourne Wedding photo locations together, and then… updating that Facebook status.

Other things to keep in mind in this time.

This is about you two! What a beautiful time to look inward to that, and outward later on at whatever shape the party takes with your community. On that note, getting a head-start on your planning to that end, is time well spent. Do it for your own peace of mind, and don’t listen to anyone telling you to rush (there’s plenty of vendors for everyone).

If you need any assistance planning your Melbourne elopement or small wedding, pop me an email.

Can’t wait for more of THIS.
Melbourne city elopement with dogs
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