Best modern wedding dresses - Brooke Tyson Ritual

Dec 29, 2020

Unique Wedding dresses Melbourne and beyond

  1. Brooke Tyson Ritual
  2. Suzanne Harward
  3. Alex Perry
  4. KYHA Studios
  5. Paolo Sebastian
  6. Jaime Lee Major
  7. Mariana Hardwick
  8. Le Louvre Bridal

Looking for the most unique wedding dress Melbourne has on offer? Whether you’re looking for unique wedding dresses boho, long sleeve, white or colourful (check out this incredible Suzanne Harward songbird gown), on this page you’ll find some of the most brilliant modern wedding dress designers.

I’ve been lucky to photograph love and ceremony on all continents, which means seeing so much of the worlds most unique wedding dresses and bridal designers on brilliant lovers in all kids of places: these are 7 of the best unique wedding dresses and wedding dress shops in Melbourne that i’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Be sure to read to the bottom to discover the final 5.

Melbourne unique wedding dresses: a dress comparison chart

Wedding dress designerWedding Dress StyleWedding Venue locationYou might also like
Brooke Tyson RitualEtherealNew ZealandAbout Phaedra
Suzanne HarwardCutting edge classyCollingwoodPaolo Sebastian
Alex PerryUnique brutalistCollingwoodLe Louvre Bridal
KYHA StudiosSequinned glorySouth MelbourneMariana Hardwick
Paolo SebastianFairytaleAdelaideSuzanne Harward
Jaime Lee MajorDetailed majesticMelbourneAbout Phaedra
Mariana HardwickWispy classicThornburySuzanne Harward
Le Louvre BridalClassic MelbourneRichmondAlex Perry
About PhaedraInimitably naturalFootscrayBrooke Tyson Ritual
Bluebell BridalClassicalMelbourne CBDLe Louvre Bridal
Raffael CiucaMelbourne classicBrunswickMariana Hardwick
Anna CampbellRomantic classyArmadaleSuzanne Harward
GwendolynneVintage inspiredFitzroyAbout Phaedra
Cathleen JiaRomantically creativeMoorabbinLe Louvre Bridal
A comparison chart of the most unique wedding dresses in Melbourne

When you look at how Australian and New Zealand designers have to fight for a place at the table with smaller markets and at a geographical disadvantage to the rest of the world, it’s no surprise then that some of the most brilliant and forward-thinking designs have actually come from this corner of the globe as they place tradition a gentle second, and innovation first, pushing the craft of design past the edges.

And so, incidentally, these designers are all from Australia and New Zealand!

As an art-lover, a beautiful and thoughtfully designed gown is captivating to look at and brilliant to photograph.

This is a run-down of 5 of the most beautiful gowns i’ve had the pleasure of photographing: from the wedding dresses long sleeve genius Alex Perry has designed, through to wedding dresses boho designers like Paolo Sebastian have created.

1. Unique Short Wedding Dress: Brooke Tyson Ritual

Looking for wedding dresses boho and beyond? Check out Brooke Tyson. Brooke Tyson Ritual is what happens when you have a curious kiwi, captivated by the world of cinema and nostalgia and with a childhood spent playing dress-ups, cast her hand to the fine art of bridal couture.

Brooke Tyson’s Ritual gowns shown here are the Flora gown, and the Luna gown, photographed on Franc on film, on a volcano in New Zealand. You can also view a full feature on Brooke Tyson Ritual here. If you’re looking for wedding dresses long sleeve or medium sleeve, the Flora gown below might be just what you’re after. It’s flowy long sleeves create brilliant shape and coverage, while still being light enough to move comfortably in.

These unique wedding dresses styles might be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

an incredible wedding dress ini Melbourne - Brooke Tyson
Unique wedding dresses by Brooke Tyson
Best modern wedding gowns - Brooke Tyson Ritual

Find Brooke Tyson Ritual online:

Brooke Tyson Ritual website

2. Unique Wedding Dresses with colour: Suzanne Harward

Suzanne Harward is a designer i’ve had the good fortune of working with several times, and you can see a feature on 3 of the best Suzanne Harward wedding dresses here too.

Suzanne Harward is an icon of the Australian bridal design scene, with a rich long history while always staying two steps ahead of the trends. Check out the impossibly brilliant songbird gown.

If you’re looking for unique wedding dresses australia and beyond, it’s hard to go past Suzanne Harward.

Suzanne Harward Songbird Gown
Suzanne Harward modern wedding dress
Suzanne Harward Songbird Gala Gown

Incredible unique wedding dresses: Suzanne Harward songbird gown.

Suzanne Harward gown for Melbourne Registry office wedding portraits
Suzanne Harward gown for Melbourne Registry office wedding portraits
Suzanne Harward bridal gown at Newstead Butterland

Wedding dresses designer in style: Suzanne Harward

Suzanne Harward website

3. Long Sleeve Wedding Dress Melbourne: Alex Perry Bridal

Looking for a long sleeve wedding dress or a unique wedding dress with sleeves? Alex Perry isn’t necessarily a name synonymous with bridal design – and this isn’t even a piece from his bridal collection – but that didn’t stop the forward-thinking Liv from adapting one of his other pieces for her wedding to Adam. Wedding dresses designer Alex Perry has brought something unique and modern to the table (whether he intended to or not).

These two marvels are featured on Together Journal, where you can see even more glorious images of their day, her incredible sense of style, and that inimitable long sleeve wedding dress by Alex Perry.

the incredible long sleeve wedding dress Melbourne designer
Alex Perry - Long sleeve wedding dress Melbourne
Liv in her long sleeve wedding dress in Melbourne
If you like wedding dresses like this, check out more black and white wedding photos.
Alex Perry Wedding dress
Alex Perry Wedding gown
Alex Perry wedding gown

Find Alex Perry Bride online

Alex Perry Bride website

4. Modern Boho Wedding Dress Melbourne: KYHA Studios

Looking for wedding dresses boho in style? KYHA studios is right at the front of incredible, innovative boho wedding dresses. Founded by Kyha Simpson after tying the knot and wanting to bring something new to the industry, KYHA Studios.

Designed and handmade in Melbourne, KYHA Studios are one of the early frontrunners of doing things differently, and as a result have inspired an industry-wide shift in risk-taking designs. See more of this Kyha Studios wedding dress.

KYHA Studios wedding dress
KYHA Studios wedding dress

Wedding dresses boho in style: KYHA Studios (Boho wedding dress Melbourne)

Kyha Studios

5. Unique Wedding Dress: Paolo Sebastian

I hope i’m not the only one who, based on the brand name, initially thought Paolo Sebastian was some kind of lavish octogenarian European designer with over half a century of brilliant work under their belt.

Nope – it’s the work from the genius mind of an impossibly young designer, Paul Vasileff, straight out of Adelaide, Australia. Designers like Paolo Sebastian push the edges of classy couture that leans in to the future of the genre.

Paolo Sebastian gowns blend a nod to tradition offset with something resembling the top end of the Disney playground of fantasy designs.

Best Modern wedding dress - Paolo Sebastian
Paolo Sebastian wedding gown
Best Modern wedding dress - Paolo Sebastian

Hannah wears Paolo Sebastian. The Royal Mail Hotel wedding of Hannah and Ben, alongside the inimitable Humdrum Films, is featured on Farewell Fiance. See more of this over on Paolo Sebastian Wedding Dress.

Wedding dresses boho in style: Paolo Sebastian

Paolo Sebastian website

6. Wedding dresses Perth: Jaime Lee Major

Check out these unique wedding dresses Perth has available. Jaime Lee Majors designs are from another planet. The Fremantle / Perth designer made a name for herself cutting cloth for every celebrity under the sun, beginning initially with an epic gown for Kimbra right around the time of her career take-off.

Since then, Jaime Lee Major has used her progressive, artistic inspired approach to design gowns that push bridal to the very edge. Check out this incredible piece from the Fremantle wedding of Sarah and Dave. See more over on the feature on Jaime Lee Major.

If you’re looking for wedding dresses Perth or nearby, Jaime Lee Major is your designer.

Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major
Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major

Find Jaime Lee Major online

Jaime Lee Major on Instagram:

While you’re here, take a peep at these incredible modern wedding jumpsuits.

7. Wedding dresses Melbourne: Mariana hardwick

Looking for unique wedding dresses lace and elegant? Mariana Hardwick is an iconic Melbourne wedding dress designer. Check out this incredible gown on Elisha at Zonzo Estate. This lace wedding dress is light, flowy, and elegant.

If you’re after wedding dresses vintage in vibe but with an elegant modern twist, Mariana Hardwick is hard to go past.

wedding dress melbourne - mariana hardwick on elisha at zonzo estate!

Find Mariana Hardwick

Mariana Hardwick website:

While you’re here, take a peep at this Mariana Hardwick wedding dress on Elisha at this Zonzo Wedding showcase.

8. Wedding Dress Melbourne Designer: Le Louvre Bridal

Looking for wedding dresses vintage in style? You must check out this Le Louvre classic, unchanged for nearly a century. Melbourne bridal designers Le Louvre have been around for 95 years, but that doesn’t mean that this classic Le Louvre Wedding Dress, worn here by Bianca, looks like anything other than one of the most incredible designs on the planet.

If you’re looking for wedding dresses vintage in style, this sleeved gown is one of the most unique designs you’ve ever seen and hard to go past. Maybe you’ve seen these two in Together Journal? If not, pick up a copy of issue #19 to see more of this incredible unique wedding dress on Bianca.

Unique wedding dresses vintage in style by Le Louvre
Unique wedding dresses vintage in style worn by Bianca designed by Le Louvre
Wedding dresses white: by Le Louvre
Unique wedding dresses vintage in style by Le Louvre
Another wedding dress Melbourne by Le Louvre
wedding dress Melbourne by Le Louvre

Wedding dresses elegant in style: Le Louvre

Le Louvre Bridal website:

Unique wedding dress Melbourne: 5 frequently asked questions

Where to buy wedding dress Melbourne

You can buy a wedding dress from any of the 7 incredible wedding dress designers on this post.

How much wedding dress Melbourne

A good wedding dress might cost anywhere from $2000 to $20000. There can be hundreds and hundreds of hours involved in creating a wedding dress, so we recommend making an enquiry with all of the incredible Melbourne wedding dress designers on this page to find out yourself.

Best wedding dress Melbourne

The best wedding dress Melbourne has on offer might be anything by Suzanne Harward, KYHA studios or Le Louvre. Incredible designers right on our doorstep.

Best new wedding dress designer

In my opinion, the best new wedding dress is About Phaedra. You can go to their website here:

Unique wedding dresses with sleeves?

Head up and to see incredible wedding dresses with sleeves by Le Louvre, Alex Perry, and Brooke Tyson.

What is the most unique wedding dress I can find in Melbourne?

If you’re looking for a unique wedding dress in Melbourne, check out Suzanne Harward, KYHA studios or Le Louvre. Unique designs available right in Melbourne.

Wedding dress Melbourne: 6 more wedding dress designers you might not know about:

9. About Phaedra –

10. Bluebell Bridal –

11. Raffael Ciuca –

12. Anna Campbell –

13. Gwendolynne –

14. Cathleen Jia –

Hire me to photograph your wedding (if you want)

Suzanne Harward Bluebird Gala Gown

Wedding photographer Melbourne – Briars Atlas: Enquire

Fremantle Perth Bridal Designer Jaime Lee Major

Jul 18, 2020

Jaime Lee Major is one of Australia’s brightest design stars. Her bridal collection has grown over the last 10 years making her one of the most sought after dressmakers to come out of Australia. Jaime Lee Major wedding gowns are meticulously crafted pieces of art.

A while back I photographed the Perth wedding of Sarah and Dave, which started in a majestic ceremony and ended in a (actual) rave. Throughout all that, this incredible Jaime Lee Major creation weathered all the wild glory.

Jaime Lee Major wedding gown
Jaime Lee Major wedding gown

We wanted to do a piece on her because we are inspired by her wild design talent and outer-space way of approaching bridal gowns for folks wanting something a little more on the edge (see also, Kyha Studios). Her designs are for the fashion-forward bride (the exact words that came out of David’s lips all day at their wedding).

Jaime Lee Major background

Born and raised in Fremantle (Perth), Jamie Lee Major rose to fame after she designed a gown for Kimbra at the Grammys in 2013. Her blue tulle and Swarovski encrusted dress was seen by 40 million people and she gained quite a mighty whack of international fame, and said in an interview for VOGUE that she hadn’t really thought about bridal couture but had so many enquiries that it ‘just sort of happened’.

Jaime Lee Major wedding gown bridal party gold and black dresses

Jaime Lee Major won WA Designer of the year, has been featured in VOGUE, dressed Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Rita Ora (to name a few). Major has since left the red carpet behind her now to focus her creative genius on wedding dress designs.

Luxury wedding dresses like you’ve never seen before

Jaime Lee Major wedding gowns are priced from $5000 to $24,000, and like all things thoughtfully crafted, worth every cent. They are pieces of art that she carefully wraps around a human body, and have endless hours of labour put into every last little detail. There are hundreds of thousands of beads, crystals, pearls and stitches in her creations.

Jaime Lee Major wedding gown

The bridal collection features a lot of tulle and exposed flesh, lavishly covered with luxurious embellishments. They’re a Pinterest board dream. You can forget the classic silhouette or cathedral length train.

Jaime Lee Major wedding gown

Jaime Lee is talking frills, cuffs, ruffles, sparkles and bespoke demi-couture tailoring. The materials tend to stray away from classic whites and ivories and delve into lux golds and silvers. Something I’m excited to see more of in contemporary weddings.

Jaime Lee Major wedding gown

If you’re a bride who wants to do things differently then Jaime Lee Major’s collection is awe-inspiring. See-through trouser suits and everything covered in Swarovski will certainly turn some heads and take your Grandmothers idea of the traditional wedding dress for a glorious golden ride. The way the light catches the sparkles and the overstated glamour is perfect for any bridal shoot. 

Jaime Lee Major wedding gowns: also a photographers dream

There is no end to this gifted woman’s creativity. She is such an exciting element in Australian wedding scene. One of her recent catwalk gowns used the most insane floristry to bring her ideas to life.

Jaime Lee Major wedding gown

I love capturing everything that makes the day special, the bride’s dress is at the top of my list. Be over indulgent, be bountiful, be sumptuous. It’s a wedding, nothing can be too amplified! Your dress should make you feel like you’ve never felt before and there is no way in hell you can’t feel $1million dollars in a Jaime Lee Major wedding gown.

Jaime Lee Major wedding gown bridal party gold and black dresses
Jaime Lee Major wedding gown
Jaime Lee Major wedding gown
Jaime Lee Major wedding gown
Jaime Lee Major wedding gown
Jaime Lee Major wedding gown

Find Jaime Lee Major wedding gowns online

Jaime Lee Major on instagram:

Fremantle and Perth Wedding Photography

Steph and Zacs Quarry Farm Wedding, and Fremantle wedding photo locations.

Enquire with me to photograph your wedding

Briars Atlas wedding photography – make an enquiry

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  • One Day Bridal wedding dress
  • kyha studios wedding dress
Bangin Hangins

Jul 15, 2020

Bangin Hangins are a category unto themselves – who knew that somewhere between “wedding photographer” and “wedding stylist” there was a standalone category entitled “awesome majestic aerial shit from another dimension that hangs from the ceiling before eventually being whisked away and leaving you wondering how you’ll ever deal with the room being it’s regular dull self”. Etc.

Bangin Hangins make installations that are installed in (/on, with, either-or-and-the-other) the ceiling. Installed TO the ceiling. Take your pick. Whatever the correct terminology is, it results into your ceiling being morphed into some impossible colourful, textural playground.

I’ve been fortunate to see the handiwork of this maestro at three weddings now: an incredible at-home wedding with Sam and Paul (ft. One More Song Entertainment – see their piece here on how to plan your wedding music), Pepe and Sam at Melbourne wedding venue The Line in Footscray, and at a Tanglewood Estate elopement were we installed our futuristic neon arbours.

Enjoy this brief little peer into their founder Sarahs fireworks brain.

With Covid forcing us all indoors and all manner of brilliant doorstep portrait projects happening, I wanted to kickstart some convos with my local community and find out how the time and strange space is being used, as it’s never been more important to stay connected and sharing.

Bangin Hangins red streamers at wedding

So who the hell are you, what do your friends think you do, and what do you actually do?

Bangin Hangins red streamers covering house

I am Sarah. AKA Queen of the Bangers. I’m an events based installation artist. My mates generally get the concept, although a few call it Hangin Bangin instead of Bangin Hangins. Which has the potential to be completely misinterpreted. 

What excites you most about the culture of weddings in Melbourne?

Bangin Hangins

I like to think the kind of couple we attract are our kind of people. Its nice to work with like minded people who like something a bit left of centre. 

What do you feel separates Bangin Hangins from those around you in your line of work?

My take on colour / form / placement and proportion. All important when putting together a Bangin aerial installation. 

How have you kept Bangin Hangins healthy during Covid, and how might couples now benefit from it?

Red balloons red streamers wedding

We’ve been working on shoots and ideas for future pop ups once its safe. Once these shoots are released, couples might draw some inspo from these.

How do you see the future of celebrations in our city and what mark do you want to leave on it?

Modern wedding installation
See more from Sam and Paul’s Melbourne Gay wedding over here.

For the very near future, boutique. So forget inviting that second cousin and cling (at distance) to your favs and let loose. This is my kind of party covid or no covid. Much more fun. I hope we can help make it a Bangin memorable party. 

Find Bangin Hangins online

Bangin Hangins website:
Bangin Hangins instagram:
Pepe and Sams wedding featured here: Hello May Wedding Photographer

I reckon Bangin Hangins would look bloody ripper draped all around The Deck at Circa.

Want photos as edgy as these installations? Check out what you can get on Kodak by heading here: film wedding photographer.

best Melbourne wedding caterers

Jun 10, 2020

Melbourne is known for its eccentric and eclectic foodie scene. Of all the Aussie states, its probably the most innovative and experimental when it comes to its hospitality industry. Bacon gelato? Yup. Lamington Jafles. Um, hells yeah. You name it, Melbourne is comfortable going gourmet, or going gonzo. In the spirit of amazing, innovative wedding catering, I’ve created a rundown of the best wedding catering Melbourne has to offer. Grab a knife and fork and settle in. Let’s do this.

Melbournes best wedding catering for 2024 onward

  1. Firecracker Event
  2. Fat and Skinny Catering
  3. Torte by Mirjana
  4. Miss Ladybird Cakes
  5. Food and Desire

1. Melbourne Wedding Catering: Firecracker Event

Much like an actual firecracker, the spreads created by this awesome team absolutely GO OFF! Firecracker Event are pretty much a turnkey operator for all your event needs. They combine styling, service and, of course, food to turn your event into a guaranteed winner. Be sure to check out this feature on Firecracker Event where they chat all things grazing tables)

Firecracker is built on the concept of Enlightened Hospitality—a term coined by New York restaurateur Danny Meyer. It means that every person you engage feels safe, welcome and at home with you. It’s about going the extra mile and prioritizing relationships over transactions.

– Firecracker Event
Here’s a little clip of Danny Meyer explaining the foundation behind the Enlightened Hospitality principal.

Firecracker Event can cover everything from platters to full service dining. Some of the glorious foods included in their packages are:

  • Porcini & Truffle Arancini (GF. V)
  • Lemon Curd Tarts With Fresh Raspberries
  • Heidi Farm Gruyere
  • Organic Dried Fruit & Nuts
  • Vegan Gnocchi With Green Pesto & Seasonal Greens
  • Slow Cooked Pork Belly With Chargrilled Orange & Fennel

Does that not sound entirely, mouthwateringly delicious to you? It’s a big fat ooft here from me.

Find Firecracker Event online

Firecracker Event website:

2. Wedding Catering Melbourne: Fat and Skinny Catering

The bloody wonderful ladies at Fat and Skinny catering are a team of hardworking, hospitality driven human beings who love a good laugh. They’re all for a song and a dance and they can always be counted on to match (if not exceed) the excitement you have about your event, and are some of the best caterers Melbourne has at hand.

They’re fun, they’re friendly and they’re focused on giving you the best food they can possibly muster. I’ve personally seen their head honcho, Naomi, go to excruciatingly loving means to make a surprise dish for a bride that used a unique ingredient that her late father used to produce. Absolutely magic stuff to see.

“Come for the love. Stay for the party.”

– Fat and Skinny Catering

The sheer range of foods available at Fat and Skinny Catering make them one of the best wedding caterers Melbourne has to offer. It’s just a bonus that every single dish they serve up is *chef’s kiss* noice.

Their wedding catering range includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Chicken Char Siu Dumplings with Black Vinegar & Caramel Dipping Sauce
  • Buttermilk Popcorn Chicken, Creamy Mash and Roast Chicken Gravy (vo, gf
  • Oregano, Feta & Lamb Burger with Greek Salad and Minty Tzatziki
  • Beef Brisket Slow Cooked for 10 hours with Roasted Parmesan Crumble
  • Roasted Beetroot, Rocket & Dukkah Crusted Labne (v,gf)
  • Nutella and Hazelnut Crunch Cheesecake

Lordy! I simply cannot.

Find Fat and Skinny Catering online

Fat and Skinny Catering website:

3. Melbourne Wedding Cake Maker: Torte by Mirjana

If you want the best wedding cake Melbourne has to offer, this taste-queen is coming at you with some of the best wedding cakes this side of the northernmost tip of the north pole. The finesse and artistry that goes into each and every cake Mirjana creates is out of this world. It seems obvious that wedding cakes should taste great, but Mirjana is time and again the benchmark for giving the same amount of love to their interior as their exterior.

With a Croatian and Serbian heritage, she grew up watching her Baka (grandmother) work as cake decorator and the apple does not fall far from the generational tree.

She’s also a designer by trade which really shows in her delectable dessert creations.

Check out the cake design gallery on her website and you’ll see why she has sealed her place as one of Melbourne’s best wedding cake makers.

To find out a little more about the maestro herself, check out the feature on Torte by Mirjana.

Find Torte by Mirjana online

Torte by Mirjana website:

4. Melbourne Wedding Cake Maker: Miss Ladybird Cakes

Another crafty wedding cake maker, Miss Ladybird Cakes is here to kick ass and bake cakes, and she’s all out of asses to kick. Gina makes the best wedding cakes in Melbourne.

Having been in the business for 12+ years Gina, Miss Ladybird herself, is the creative mind behind this amazing cake baking venture, and it’s no small feat being around for that amount of time – which translates to a hell of a lot of happy faces catered for at weddings. She’s always been super creative and is actually a qualified chef.

Miss Ladybird has brought two of her greatest passions together, food and design, to build a beaut business and we get to reap the benefits.

“Our main aim is not to be the best, but to make a product we are proud of, and one which interprets the love we have for an industry we have spent our lives immersed in.”

– Miss Ladybird Cakes

Check out her online gallery here.

Find Miss Ladybird Cakes online

Miss Ladybird Cakes website:

5. Wedding Catering Melbourne: Food And Desire

Now, last but 1000% not least, we’ve got Food And Desire who fully customise the menus for every single event they cater. Like, who has the time or the energy to do that? These maestros are insane.

Their food is sourced from local suppliers and they incorporate only the best seasonal produce into their bespoke menus.“Collaborating with some of Melbourne’s most influential event experts, producers and suppliers, we cater different. We do it awesome, and we love it.”

You can see the kind of menus they’ve created for wedding parties up in lights on their website. Food and desire also helm the inimitable Melbourne Warehouse Wedding venue Half Acre, featured in image below.

Find Food And Desire online

Food and Desire website:

Check out my top 15 Melbourne wedding photo locations for some nuptialistic (is that a word?) inspo, or head to this post for some great ideas on the best small wedding venues Melbourne has going.

Nab one of the incredible caterers up above (unless you’re at Zonzo Estate and enjoying their wizard pizza makers onsite), and link them up with this incredible Melbourne wedding planner.

Also for some incredible catering outside of Melbourne, check out the wood fired wedding pizzas at the Cosmo Hotel near Castlemaine.